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Oasis BM


Multi-Brand is an Enterprise level general purpose application designed for large companies that manage multiple brands and franchises. It enables the control of a large number of apps from a single content management system. Features
● Full shopping cart with payment gateway
● Media Gallery and sliders
● Contact page and Map navigator
● Online Order Processing
● Special Offers with Push Notifications
● Multi-Language support including Arabic
● Free format HTML pages with user configurable design
Multi-Brand enables Brand Managers to maintain their own app on both Android and Apple platforms without the need for specialist programming skills.
The ability to create Special Offers and promote these with the use of push notifications is a stand out feature.
The single content management solves the logistical problem of connecting a multitude of shopping carts to your back office systems. Multi-Brand also makes it possible to perform sales analysis across all your brands.
This is a demonstration version of Multi-Brand and is intended to give potential clients a flavour of what is possible, it therefore contains a somewhat varied array of products for demonstration purposes.
Oasis Brand Management are also able to assist with social media advertising to help companies maximise the number of downloads for applications and encourage greater usage of their mobile apps.